Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dr.Bevan's visit to Sri Lanka UN Fr Org -SUNFO

Dr.Bevan Morris, President Maharishi University USA and Prime Minister Global Country of World Peace visited SUNFO centre recently. ​

During his visit he declared open a Maharishi plaque and was also conferred with an Hon Fellowship.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SL removed from ‘list of shame’

Tuesday, 12 June 2012 10:06
Sri Lanka has been removed from the 'list of shame' of the United Nations Chief's annual report on children and armed conflict claiming that the island nation 'successfully completed Security Council-mandated programs to end the recruitment and use of children.'

"The report said parties to conflicts in Nepal and Sri Lanka were taken off the list after they successfully completed Security Council-mandated programs to end the recruitment and use of children," the report stated.

The report includes a list of parties who recruit and use children, kill and maim, commit sexual violence or attack schools and hospitals; the so-called "list of shame."

The report said:

"During the reporting period, the security situation in the country stabilized, gradually moving towards an early recovery. However, assistance for the most vulnerable families in the north remained a challenge. There continued to be a heavy military presence, and the civil administration is in need of further strengthening.

The Government stated that this would be a priority. The implementation of these commitments as well as the recommendations of the Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission, including on children, will positively contribute towards post-conflict efforts.

No new cases of recruitment of children by armed groups have been reported since October 2009. However, the whereabouts of 1,373 children of a total of 6,905 who had been recruited by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) remains unknown, and the location of five boys previously recruited by the Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP), three of which have been traced to the forces of Inya Bharathi, is also unknown. The Government of Sri Lanka has been actively following up on these allegations. The National Child Protection Authority has undertaken an independent investigation and made recommendations to the Government of Sri Lanka which are being pursued by the Criminal Investigation Division of the police. To date, no prosecution has been initiated.

Since 2008, three rehabilitation centres have been in operation, providing education, care, psychosocial support and reunification assistance to children associated with LTTE, TMVP and Inya Bharathi. To date, 594 children aged between 12 and 18 years, including 364 boys and 230 girls, have completed the rehabilitation programme and have been reunited with their families. However, recent community awareness programmes have revealed that a number of children formerly associated with armed groups have not accessed reintegration programmes, including a trend of underreporting of girls. The country task forces on monitoring and reporting is engaging with the Government on the need to identify the possible reintegration needs of these individuals.

In December of 2009, the Vavuniya Government Agent and the Probation and Child Care Commissioner (Northern Province) jointly established the Family Tracing and Reunification Unit for unaccompanied and separated children, with UNICEF support. At the time of writing, 736 tracing applications had been registered concerning children, the majority of whom were recruited by LTTE. To date, 139 children have been matched and referred to the Unit for tracing and verification, of which 42 have been reunited with their family members.

The Government of Sri Lanka has made headway in the evacuation of school premises in the reporting period, vacating four out of five schools recorded in my previous report. However, one school in Poonahri, Kilinochchi District, remains in use by the Sri Lankan Army. The Government has indicated that the school will be vacated by May 2012. I remain concerned that 14 additional schools in Mullaitivu, Kilinochchi and Jaffna districts continue to be used by Sri Lankan security forces, although these areas are not opened for civilian return.

Monday, May 28, 2012

SUNFO Anniversary and AGM 2012

This Ceremony was held at National Musium Auditorium on May 27.SUNFO Members and well-wishers  attended.Secretary General Mr.Gamini De Silva, Director General Dr.Deshapriya S. Wijetunge, Treasure Ms.S.A Zain, Advisor  Ms.Padma Colonne and Youth Project Director Ms.Ranmali Gunawardena made presentations. Several cultural Items Pooja Narthanaya, Folk Dances, Kappiringgha,Mult National Dances, Kalagedy Dances, Hanuma Vannama, Children's dances were in the ceremony. Two books were honored (Dr.U.Ruwan-Rawana Meheuma and Mr.K.Piyasene Perera-Nihada Mehewera), SUNFO Officials for 2012/13 were formally announced.

Advisory Committee Members of the SUNFO Southern Province Child Development Center were formally inducted. GCSD-SUNFO Sri Lanka India Forum awards were presented to 15 personalities. Rev.Fr.Dickson Fernnado, Mr.Bandula Colonne,Major Lasath D.P.Fernnado presented their views. Officials Master Eesa Ruwan (Children Congress), Ms.Sudarhma Wattaladeniya (Citizens Congress) and Mr.W.Sandun Ineshka (Youth Congress) presented annual plan of actions of congresses.World Water Day , RIO+20 Earth Walk, GYSD training.SUNFO Directors Ms.S.D.Wickramanayke, Ms.Janaki Amarasinghe and Mr.S.M.M.Nowffal presented Certificates.YSU Awards were presented.Mr.Asanka Sumanarathne upgraded as  Silver Supportive Fellow and membership Certificates and Medals of new Life and Associate Members were presented. National and International Guests, Actors, Society leaders graced the ceremony. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

International women's day Commemorated at SUNFO Southern Province Child Development Centre

A team of youth and UNFO Officials led by Jeewanashuri Ranmali Gunawardena SSFSUNFO (SUNFOProject Director-Youth & Chairperson of Ranmali Academy)organized a women's day commemoration at SUNFO SPCDC-Yatagala, UragasmanhandiyaKarandeniya.

A workshop for women, Free Hair Cutting and Beauty Culture advisory session, distribution of gifts among children at the centre as well as Children in neighboring village, Anuradhagama. SUNFO Director General Dr.Deshapriya S. Wijetunge, Probation Commissioner of Southern Province Mr.Gamini Weerawickrama, Mr. Upali Gunawardena also participated in this event.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Global Youth Service Day Commemorated at SUNFO Southern Province Child Development Center by MGUSF

Global Youth Service Day Commemorated at SUNFO Southern Province Child Development Center by MGUSF
A youth and student team led by Ms.Padma Colonne (Adviser of SUNFO/Adviser-MGUSF) and Mr.Bandula Colonne JP Ex MMC (Adviser of MGUSF) visited SUNFO Southern Province Child Development Center with dry rations, food items, sanitary and school necessities of children on pr 28,2012 for the 5th consecutive year. Mr.Gamini de Silva Secretary General of SUNFO also joined this occasion and thanked the valuable contributions and goodwill mission of MGUSF on Apr 28,2012.

After reaching the center in South from the Capital city of Colombo they started the programme with religious observances. Speeches were delivered by MGUSF advisers, SG and Incharge Ms.Prema Dissanayake. Singing of the children and cultural presentations were there and children were taken a small ride by the bus traveled from Colombo to make them more happier.

The items donated are Rice 130KG , Flour -20Kg, Nestomalt-15 Packets, Greengram-15Kg, Dhal-12Kg,Noodles  10KG, Suger-10KG,Tothpaste-25 Tubes, Soap-25cakes,Exercise Books-50No, Pencils with erasers-40Nos, Chit-Chat Chocolates-2 Packs.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Vesak at UN New York

Vesak Day is recognized by United Nations.Secretary General His Excellency Banki Moon and Sri Lankan Representative to UN His Excellency Dr. Palith Kohona participated for the Vesak Commemoration at UN Head Quarters New York with Buddhist Religious dignitaries of diverse nations in the world gathered at the UN Head Quarters, New York

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

SUNFO Director Prof.W.S.Fernnado is honoured with Distinguished Service Award 2012

Prof.W.S.Fernnado is a founder life member of Sri Lanka-United Nations Friendship Organisation (SUNFO) and serving as the  Director (Human Resources Development and Membership) since 1999. He has pioneered built and commissioned the first Statue of Maithree Buddha in Sri Lanka at Warakapola.He has served in University of Sri Jayawqardanapura, University of Sabaragamuwa, University Of Rhuna, Institute of Chemistry  in various capacities including as  a Professor, Dean and Acting Vice Chancellor.His services rendered in various national and international forums,workshops, committees  and  institutions. He is serving as  a faculty member of SUNFO Center for Full Human Potential Development and was honoured with a special award from young Sceintits University jointly issuded with Sunfo in 2011 December.