Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SUNFO 12th Anniversary and the Visit of Global Citizens Sri Lanka-India Forum 7 Member Youth Delegation from May 18-24

SUNFO 12th Anniversary was held on 22 May 2011 at the National Museum auditorium.

The following members participated in several activities during their brief visit to Sri Lanka  from 18-24 May 2011, and received their certificates at this anniversary function.
1.Mr.Anugraha William John- (A-29) He is a youth leader and peace activist. John is an avid traveler and has been sowing the seeds of 'global citizenship' during his travel all across the globe. He currently runs the organization Global Citizens for Sustainable Development, a not-for-profit organization based in Bangalore, India that focuses on youth leadership and youth empowerment, peace and culture, environment and other social development issues. He is the Coordinator of the Asian Citizens Assembly 2010, founder of inter-generational forums such as China-India Forum, Japan-India Forum, Korea-India Forum and is presently on the Youth Advisory Board of the UN-Habitat. He loves to play football and enjoys listening to country and alternative music.

2.Ms. Mrigya Samyal- (A-19) - She is working as a co-coordinator for Environment Society of India. In year 2009 engaged in Peace International event for Yuvsatta (ngo) and SAARC FOLKLORE FESTIVAL. In year 2010 she was a part of Asian Citizen Assembly. She worked for a carrier awareness organization YUSHAALA as an intern for 3 months for guiding the students of government schools of Chandigarh for a better carrier. She is handling a student organization of Dav college10 SANKALP for critically ill children who cannot afford treatment as a vice president, she is also a NSS CADET and was recently awarded the most outstanding achievement award by the college authority.

3.Ms. Purnima Ashok Kumar- (A-24) - She completed her Masters in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management from a consortium of 4 European universities in 2010.Engaged British Council International Climate Champions programmed. She works as a Senior Research Associate at Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment in Bangalore.
4.Ms. Hishitha Jagadish- (A-27) Youth Leader . This is her  first experience in out off country so she islittle bit shy, nervous and quite. I like pets very much actually I love to do adventure trips like tracking. I am bold. Sometimes I  have good sense of humor. I also like to listen to music and I like to dance. I am attending this program to get rid off all my negativity and explore myself and gain confidence.
5.Mr. Dhiraj William John- (A-27) serves as the India – Co-coordinator of Living Hope Children's Home, travels to different Homes and looks after the required needs. He loves to travel and to learn about different countries and cultures.

6.Mr. Nikhil Zaid Infant- (A-23) He is a Person who enjoys working in teams. He also enjoys interacting with new people. He has a good knowledge of the current affairs and situation both locally and globally. He loves playing football.
7.Mr.Selvaraj Vivin Richards- (A-21) Student Leader from Chennai. Vivin Richard studying MSc Electronic Media in Anna University Chennai is an active     participant in all events and also in extra curricular activities in the university,  also is a part of the university music band and also part of the university's  Cricket team Was also part of GCSD working for many social issues and helping for the same.

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