Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SUNFO Honoured Relics of St.Don Bosco at Moratuwa

The Relic of St. Don Bosco arrived in Sri Lanka onboard a special flight at approximately 7:05 am on Nov 19  in order for devotees in Sri Lanka to pay homage to the venerated Saint.

The Relic was brought  to St. Sebastian Church Moratuwa on November 21,2011.  The photograph shows  delegation of SUNFO including Dr.Deshapriya S. Wijetunge (Director General), Mr.Mahesh Nishshanka (Global Youth Coordinator) & Mr.Nilan Sajith Perera (Media Coordinator) with Rev.Fr. Dickson Fernnado (Director-Don Bosco TC,Negombo)   at the venue.

 The special Banner prepared by SUNFO  for this occasion will be displayed  for the South Asian Peace Youth Camp which will be held at Don Bosco Technical College, Negombo from 20-23 December,2011.

The Relic began its worldwide pilgrimage on the 31st of January 2009, which was the 150th Anniversary of the founding of the Salesian Congregation by St. Don Basco, in preparation for the 200th Birth Anniversary in 2015 of St. Don Bosco who was born near Turin, Italy on 16th August 1815.

The relics of Don Bosco have been recomposed from the urn that contained his remains since 1929 when the body was exhumed for his beatification and canonization.

The bones and tissues of the right hand and arm have been taken and placed within a wax replica of St. John Bosco's body, which in turn is enclosed in a large urn which was constructed specially for this pilgrimage.

The urn is made of a large glass box in which the wax replica is placed, and easily viewed, while the box is mounted atop a large wood and metal cart.

Among the urn's decorations are the Italian words which translates to, "Give me souls, take away the rest," which is one of Don Bosco's many quotes that guided his ministry, while it is also adorned with the images of young faces as well as maps showing where the Salesian Family is present today.

Finally, the years 1815 and 2015 are placed near the base, serving as a reminder of the purpose of this Relic Pilgrimage

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